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In the rich province of Eastingwold, an ancient aristocratic feud has come to a head, like a good boil, and threatens to overthrow the ruling Grand Duke and condemn his people to a life of unbearable suffering and violent retribution. Arts Professor Kai Kaisonn is unwittingly drawn into the terrifying struggle when he is as When life has deceived you, what can you believe?

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Arts Professor Kai Kaisonn is unwittingly drawn into the terrifying struggle when he is asked to authenticate a work of art. When his only child Annie is kidnapped because of it, he falls comprehensively and rather inconveniently to pieces. Can he emerge from the dark pit of his breakdown with the strength to find her and bring those responsible to justice before they destroy everything he holds dear?

Set on Torquasia, a planet not quite parallel to our own which bears more than a passing likeness to a doughnut, this is a heart warming story of deception, courage and ultimately, the power of a father's love Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Renaissance of Dr Kaisonn , please sign up.

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Be the first to ask a question about The Renaissance of Dr Kaisonn. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Renaissance England was riddled with disease, especially in its growing cities.

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  6. Overcrowded, rat-infested London, with its practice of emptying chamber pots in the street and allowing raw sewage to flow into the Thames, was ground central for the nastiest diseases known to mankind. The most dangerous of these was the bubonic plague. And one of the most dangerous occupations was the plague doctor. Learn from stricken Londoners describe what life was like in the plague-ridden capital in Plagues of London.

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    The plague was the most dreaded disease of that time. Englanders were particularly frightened of the plague because its victims died so quickly and very few recovered. It had devastated Medieval England. The population decrease it caused led to an economic depression as products accumulated with no one to buy them.

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    • The Renaissance of Dr Kaisonn by Richard Cole.

    Every business along the economic chain lost revenue. But as the frequency of the plague decreased in the late fifteenth century, populations swelled, creating a new demand for goods and services. A new middle class began to emerge as bankers, merchants, and tradespeople once again had a market for their goods and services. It was this resurgence that many scholars credit with the rise of the Renaissance era.

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    However the plague really never went away and it again ravaged London in , , , , and Plague symptoms are frightening. They include red, grossly inflamed and swollen lymph nodes. These were called buboes where the name bubonic came from , high fever, delirium, and convulsions. However, if the bacterial infection spreads to the lungs pneumonic plague or to the bloodstream septicemic plague the unfortunate victim will usually die, ordinarily within hours.


    Because medical knowledge was sketchy, people really had no idea how it was contracted or spread. Trade was suspected to play a large part in the introduction of the plague to England. This suspicion led to the harassment and massacre of people of different classes and ethnicities. It struck largely in crowded cities where people lived in close contact with each other. The only way to avoid the disease was to leave the city for the country.

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    Unfortunately, only those wealthy enough to afford to use this option. Many Christians believed God had sent the plague to punish them for their sins. It was strongly believed to be spread through bad air so they smoked tobacco to stop any bad air entering their lungs.